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 Rescued from a "free-range" farm
What's Wrong With Backyard Eggs?
(also available for download)
Humane Animal Farming? Take a Closer Look

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Letter From A Vegan World (also in Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian )
Video - The Faces of "Free-Range" Farming




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Stock Show Billboard
New website: Go Vegan Now
New Website: Peaceful Choices
Satya Magazine features an interview with PPS
Meet Bumper
• New Arrival
• A New Life
PPS receives Channel 7's "Everyday Hero" Award!
• Watch the video
• See images from the shoot
PPS on Hallmark TV - See Video
Full Page Newspaper Ad
Picnic on the Prairie 2006
Picnic on the Prairie 2005
The Peaceful Prairie Care-A-Van at the Stock Show
Peaceable Kingdom Screenings


Newsletter Archive

The Prairie Progress - Summer 2007
The Prairie Progress - Winter 2006
The Prairie Progress - Spring 2006
The Prairie Progress - Fall 2005
The Prairie Progress - Spring 2005
The Prairie Progress - Fall 2004


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